Kelly’s Heart and Soul

     Who am I and why should you listen to anything I  have to say? Do you ever ponder that when blog jumping looking for inspiration of any sort? Who are the authors of these lovely blogs and what do they have to offer? What makes them think they are qualified to offer anything? I certainly do not have the answers to all of life’s questions. Life is such an excellent teacher though and I indeed have learned some valuable life lessons. I have learned so very much of what we should not do as well as what we should do. It is what you do with what you have that matters most.  From time to money to relationships, I have encouragement to share with women who are weary.  Whose souls have gotten lost in life’s shuffle and the joy has been drained away. This is where my heart is!  I long to help others find the joy in life again.  To replace the discontentment with gratitude frees our soul and lifts a many of those heavy burdens we women carry. This world screams that what we have is not enough; that we must keep up with someone’s idea of what is good. It is a vicious cycle that never ends well and it is us that suffers most from this mentality. Life doesn’t have to be someone else’s idea of perfect to be perfectly wonderful.  We need only do the very best we can with what we have to find peace in the midst of storms and restore joy to our souls. May I help you find that joy again? Can I offer you some refreshment for your parched soul? If I can help even just ONE precious lady find a way to shift her focus from all the negative that weighs us down to open her eyes to the positive and positively lovely things we have forgotten to see then I have done my job. Just ONE! Imagine if we could all do this for each other. To subtract from the madness instead of multiplying it! Let me share a little bit of who I am with you and then you can decide if you want to hang out with me, okay?

     I am married to Terry, my soulmate, and YES, I do believe in soulmates. I have 4 grown children, two boys and two girls ranging in age of 31, 26, 21 and 18. My oldest has blessed me with 3 gorgeous granddaughters who call me ‘Nanny’. I am a southern ‘old soul’ and a non-conformist and some might even use the term heretic…I consider that a compliment. 🙂  I am a truth seeker and an avid researcher who sees the whole of life summed up in all the wonderful little bits added together. I love and study holistic herbalism and want to be a Master Herbalist when I grow up. I homeschooled our children for twenty years and am a huge advocate of homeschooling who loves to helps others begin their homeschooling journey. I am a Believer who seeks relationship with my Creator as opposed to religious traditions. I am a crafty and frugal DIYer who loves to make the very best of what I already have and I have never been afraid of hard work. I love all things home and family and believe that what is done at home influences this world more that we can ever know. I adore vintage and antique items and almost always have 1930’s-40’s music playing in the background of my daily life. I am a compulsive list maker and am enjoying learning how to Bullet Journal. I truly think that everything we do and think influences our very soul and I am looking for all the good, kind and wonderful things in life to make my soul happy. I believe these things are what lives on long after we are gone and is the very essence of who we are. That is what this blog is all about; finding the things that make my soul sing, the wise and wonderful things, and sharing them with you. You are always welcome here so make yourself at home and stay awhile!